Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Paris Hilton Gives Britney Spears Career Advice

Britney Spears
Whether you love her or hate her, you must admit Paris Hilton is a cash machine. She makes so much money off endorsements and her own brand that if her family was to cut her out of her fortune, it would make little difference in her life.

Since Paris is trying to become BFF with Britney Spears again, she thought she'd offer her some advice--it was good advice too!

On Saturday night when the former pals hung out for Britney's 26th birthday, Paris took it upon herself to give the pop wreck some career advice.

Among the points Hilton made: Spears needs to cut back on her social life, she should revamp her entire management team, and, according to Hilton, ''only hire the very top agents, publicists, managers and assistants money can buy.''

A spy at the party also heard Paris say, ''Britney, you have to listen to people who truly are experts in entertainment. You can't be listening to friends, no matter how good or loyal they are, to tell you how to run your career.''

Paris also told Brit to pay more attention to the endorsement deals ''or else those will go away and you'll find it harder to replace them with new deals and products.''

Paris actually gave her some damn good advice, only problem is Britney doesn't like to listen to anyone but the voices in her head. She definitely needs a new management team though, hiring friends to manage your career has 'bad idea' written all over it.

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